A Few Modern Dental Techniques Used Today

Dentistry has seen several advances over the years. Not only have procedures become quicker and less painful, but they are innovative as well. This post is going to cover a few modern dental techniques commonly used today. And while these modern dental solutions should never be an excuse to avoid taking care of your teeth, they can be helpful when nature begins to take its course. For more information visit Wendel Family Dental Centre.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered to be a revolution because they are as close to natural teeth as you are going to get. Yes, the initial cost for an implant is expensive, but you save in the long-term. Why? Because once an implant has been placed, you simply have to maintain it with the rest of your teeth. It does not come out like dentures, and you do not have to worry about food getting stuck in uncomfortable places. Click here for more on dental implant surgery.

The revolutionary part of the implant is the titanium screw that gets placed underneath the gum-line. This is done through a surgical procedure, and the screw has to be given time to fuse with the jawbone. Once the screw is secure and ready, a crown is fixed on top of the screw. Different methods of keeping the crown in place are used depending on your dentist. But the end result is a new permanent tooth that looks exactly like a natural one.

Take note that the dental implant process can take a few months to fully complete. But you don’t have to worry about your jawbone changing shape and adapting to a missing tooth, seeing as this space has been filled with a “root”.

Clear Braces

Everyone can agree that braces serve a valuable purpose. Unfortunately, they do not present well. And when you need braces to fix a relatively small problem, you still have to be conscious about the wiring in your mouth. Or do you?

Just like dental implants serve as a revolution for missing teeth, invisible braces are considered the perfect solution for correcting teeth. Of course, the severity of the situation is going to influence whether invisible braces are effective enough. Because this alternative to conventional braces does have some limitations, and they are mainly used for small to medium corrections.

The point is you do not have to settle for a “full metal jacket” while invisible braces could be an option too.


Another innovative method for filling those gaps come in the shape of bridges. By using two natural teeth (or implants) to support an artificial tooth in the middle, it will serve to permanently close the gap. The difference is you do not require surgery for bridges. Only if implants need to be placed, then surgery is part of the process.

Nobody is going to be able to tell if you have bridges or not, just like implants look completely natural and the invisible braces draw less attention. These are just some of the modern dental techniques used today, and to find out more, speak to your family dentist.